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Woodside Dental Care Blog

Is an energy drink worse than a soda? Ask a dentist.

July 18, 2024

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Perception vs. reality: an energy drink is good, soda not so much. Yet if you ask any dental health professional, it might surprise you to know what dentists view as the lesser of two evils—at least when it comes to the well-being of your teeth.

“Energy drinks are highly acidic and can erode your enamel more aggressively than cola. If you’re sipping on an energy drink throughout the day, you’re exposing your teeth to prolonged acid attacks. This can lead to severe enamel erosion and cavities,” said Dr. Derek Cornetta, DDS, who owns and operates Woodside Dental Care at 36 South Main Street in Assonet.


Bigger and Brighter.  Woodside Dental Care expands treatment rooms, reception area and parking lot.

June 27, 2024

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Helping with the ribbon-cutting of Woodside Dental Care, Assonet, MA are team members (left to right) Sue Evangelho, Office Manager; Dr. Derek Cornetta, DDS, FAGD, the director of the dental practice; and Kayla Moniz, Dental Hygienist.

Woodside Dental Care, 36 South Main Street, Assonet, MA, officially opened their newly expanded and renovated practice.  The state-of-the-art facility now includes six treatment rooms, a luxurious reception area and a spacious parking lot that can accommodate 29 vehicles.

Woodside Dental Care has been serving Assonet, East Freetown, Berkley, Lakeville, and surrounding communities for more than 35 years, offering a wide range of dental services. Services include preventive dentistry; checkups and cleanings; gum disease therapy; teeth whitening; dental implants; dentures; dental crowns and much more.


Taking a bite out of hunger this June. Woodside Dental Care holds food drive for Greater Fall River Community Food Pantry.

May 9, 2024

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One in five Greater Fall River residents is living below the poverty line. As food costs soar, they need your help.

Woodside Dental Care is encouraging patients and community members to drop by our 36 South Main Street, Assonet, MA offices to donate canned goods and dry goods from June 1 – June 30.


A Smile Saga: The History of Dental Implants

May 6, 2024

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An hourglass on a table with scroll with lights in the background

Did you know that modern dental implants, usually made of titanium, are a testament to the progress of dental science? According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, over 3 million people in the U.S. have received them, with another 500,000 anticipated to be included each year. These alternate teeth are the only ones inserted directly into your jawbone and offer a range of unique advantages, making them a popular choice.

However, the dental implant journey is not a recent one. It’s a fascinating tale that stretches back to ancient times, although true success was only realized in the last century. Delve into the intriguing history to learn more about the evolution of what many consider to be the ideal restoration!


Woodside Dental Care Launches “Gratitude and Grin” Award

May 1, 2024

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Everybody knows somebody in the community who goes above and beyond to help. Our new Gratitude and Grin award gives you a chance to offer more than thanks to those special people. Here’s how it works:

Go to Woodside Dental Care’s Contact Us page and fill out the “Get in Touch” form, entering the name of the person you’re nominating and a brief description of their act of kindness. Please also include their contact information (telephone/email).


What Can I Do if My Dental Bridge Falls Out?

February 13, 2024

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Dental bridge

Dental bridges have allowed many people to enjoy having complete smiles again, but while these restorations are durable and of high quality, they are not indestructible. A dental bridge falling out of your mouth when you are speaking or eating can be an embarrassing situation, and it’s best to have the problem resolved as soon as possible. Here’s a brief overview of what you can do when your dental bridge falls out to achieve the best possible outcome.


What to Expect at Your Dental Implant Consultation

November 30, 2023

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Dentist showing woman a model of a dental implantAre you ready to treat your tooth loss for good? Dental implants are the solution for you. They have over a 95% success rate and are proven to last for 30 years or more with the right care, like brushing and flossing. Not to mention, a dental implant replaces the entire tooth structure for a solution that looks and feels natural. However, the process won’t happen overnight. Dental implants require a multi-step treatment process, which begins with your consultation. Here’s what you can expect during your dental implant consultation. 


4 Quick Tips To Find An Emergency Dentist When You Need One

September 19, 2023

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Model tooth next to red emergency bag with dental and medical equipment on a light blue background

Nobody wants to find themselves in the middle of a dental emergency, but accidents can happen at any time. Whether you’ve broken a tooth over dinner or had one knocked out during a weekend tournament, you’re going to need help regardless of the day or time! In the heat of the moment, it can be hard to think clearly and take appropriate steps. Keep reading to learn 4 tips to find an emergency dentist when you need them.


Sun-Kissed Safety: Your Guide to Shielding Your Lips from Summer Rays

July 18, 2023

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Take a moment, close your eyes, and picture what you think of when you hear the word “summer.” Chances are, you’re thinking of the heat, the sun, the pool, and the grill—not necessarily in that order.

What probably didn’t come to mind was your lips. Don’t worry, that wasn’t a test, but it does go to show that sun protection might be the last thing on your mind when you’re thinking about enjoying all that the season has to offer.

If you’ve been neglecting your skin in the sun, especially around your mouth, you could be inviting a host of UV-related problems for your oral health. If that surprises you, read on to learn how to protect your lips and avoid damaging your smile in the sun, and remember that your dentist can guide you through any treatment you may require.


These 6 Healthy Green Foods Will Benefit Your Smile!

March 3, 2023

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an assortment of healthy foods

When it comes to the health and beauty of your smile, your diet plays an undeniably crucial role. Everything that you eat affects your oral and bodily wellness; so, you should put effort into making smart choices and fueling up the correct way! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here are six foods your dentist wants you to know about that aren’t just festively green, but also indisputably great for your pearly whites!

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